Frequently asked questions

Remote Computer Service

What is Remote Computer Service (RCS)?

RCS is where our computer technician works on your computer over the internet. Our technician, with your permission,  takes control of your computer remotely.  During this time he will be able to view your desktop on his local monitor and manipulate your computer using his mouse and keyboard, all while located in our office.

Is RCS safe to use?

Yes! You control the process. Prior to connecting to your computer our technician will ask you to download a piece of software from our website.  They will guide you through installing it and running it.  Once the software is in place it allows our technician to connect securely and safely to your computer.  During the connection process you will be asked to physically give us permission to connect by clicking a button.  Without this permission our technician can not access your computer.  Once our technician connects to your computer you can at any time click to disconnect our technician.  Remember, you control the process.

What can we do via RCS?

RCS can be used to perform maintenance which does not require the technician to physically be near the computer, such as some software installation, some troubleshooting, minor configuration, and minor training.

What can we not do via RCS?

Hear bad fans, notice bad hardware, extensive virus/malware/spyware removal, basically anything that requires the technician be next to the computer.

Can our technician connect to your computer without your knowledge?

No!  You need to initiate the connection.  Without you initiating this connection our technician can not connect to your computer.


"It’s been three months since you built my computer and I wanted to let you know that it’s been a joy to use!  It’s fast and stable and the latest update to Windows 10 is working very well.  Thanks for the good job!  If I do get into trouble, I’ll be in touch."