Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been out for over a month now. At BSD Computer Systems, we have had the opportunity to perform numerous Windows 10 upgrades. Many of the upgrades were successful and many failed for one reason or another. Based on these experiences here are some thoughts on upgrading to Windows 10.

Consider upgrading to Windows 10 if:

  • Your computer is less than three years old and is running Windows 8.1
    Note - If you are currently using Windows 8 you must upgrade to Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Windows 10.
  • Your computer is running Windows 7 and there is a specific feature in Windows 10 that you need or want.

Consider NOT upgrading to Windows 10 if:

  • Your computer is running Windows 7 and is more than three years old.
    Note: It is possible that drivers won't be compatible or available for Windows 10.
  • Your computer is less than three years old and is running well with Windows 7.
    Why fix it if it's not broken. Windows 7 will be supported until 2020 and if there is not a compelling reason to upgrade, a feature you can't live without, wait until you are ready to move up to a new computer.

Decided to upgrade to Windows 10?

  • Prepare yourself and your computer prior to upgrading:
    • Read through this article for information about the data collection in Windows 10.
         Make an informed decision about what information you allow Microsoft to collect.
    • Very Important! Go to your computer manufacturers website, look up your computers make and model and see if there is a Windows 10 upgrade recommendation. Some computers will not support Windows 10 even if Microsoft says it will.
    • While there, make sure you have up-to-date drivers installed for your computer.
    • Make sure that the programs, printers and other peripherals will work with Windows 10.
    • Uninstall any third party anti-virus prior to the upgrade.
         Windows 10 has a built in anti-virus (Defender) so you will not likely need to reinstall it.
    • Scan for malware. I recommend Malwarebytes.
    • Back up your computer.

Tips for the upgrade process:

At the "Get Going Fast" window you will be asked to set your privacy preferences. Choose to customize your preferences and go through the settings. Windows 10 by default will send an unimaginable amount of information to Microsoft about where you are what you are doing. Some of this data is shared with advertisers.

Next, choose your default apps. Check/Uncheck the new apps for viewing pictures, music, movies, etc… you would like to use. You can always switch back to the legacy Windows programs like Windows Picture Viewer and Media Player later if you like/need to.

After installation:

Install Classic Shell. The new start menu is better than the Metro Screen that shipped with Windows 8 but it is not what you are used to. Many things are hidden like the control panel and it is hard to navigate for those of us that do not want to relearn how to use a computer. Classic Shell gives us a start menu that is representative of the Windows start menu we are used to. You can get Classic Shell here:

Turn 'Off' Cortana. You will notice a search box to the right of the start menu. When you click in it Cortona will pop-up and offer to assist you (much like Siri on the iPad & iPhone). Cortona seems cool until you find that you cannot use Cortona without signing up for a Microsoft account. Then all of your search information is sent to Microsoft. Choose the “Not interested” option and Cortona will be turned off.

Set Microsoft Internet Explorer/Mozzilla Firefox/Google Chrome as your default browser. There is a new browser in Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge. If you find that you prefer to use the good 'ol Internet Explorer you will find it is still there but hard to find. You can type Internet Explorer in the search box and it will appear at the top of the search results. Simply right click on it and choose Pin To Task Bar. You can also right click on the Edge icon and choose to remove it from the task bar.

Welcome to Windows 10!

If all went well your computer should be up and ready to go to work. As always, if you prefer to have BSD Computer Systems perform this upgrade for you, we are ready to help.


"It’s been three months since you built my computer and I wanted to let you know that it’s been a joy to use!  It’s fast and stable and the latest update to Windows 10 is working very well.  Thanks for the good job!  If I do get into trouble, I’ll be in touch."